The Phase Collective is re-official!

The Phase Collective is officially re-official! After quite a long break, we’re back at it in 2009, and we’re feeling pretty good about that. Here’s a self-reflective Q&A to catch you up on the last year or so:

Phase Collective: Where have you guys been?

Phase Collective: We’ve been here. In California. San Francisco and San Diego. Working hard on the less-fun stuff that pays the bills. Feeling kind of guilty about dropping off so abruptly – mid issue in fact – but not that guilty really.

Phase Collective: So what happened to Phase Magazine?

Phase Collective: Well, that beast took a lot of time and coordination to curate and design and prepare for distribution. We had to full-on commit to getting it done in its entirety whether we had the time for it or not. Eventually we stalled out completely on what was looking like another great issue, and we’ve realized that the same content is much more likely to get out to our audience if we break it up into bite-sized pieces. Short and sweet for us to publish, short and sweet for everyone to soak in.

Phase Collective: And you think now things will be different?

Phase Collective: Yes. We think so. Change is good.

Phase Collective: What does “change” mean this time around for the Phase Collective?

Phase Collective: This new iteration of the Phase Collective will be all about showcasing cool work from artists, designers, musicians, writers, photographers, film makers, animators, creative thinkers of all stripes. Just like before, but served up blog-style in small and engaging releases. Lots of visual reviews, some interviews maybe, some links here and there, and then of course some original Phase Collective experimental work, open collaborative projects, whatever we feel like bouncing out to the creative classes. The focus will remain on side projects, client-free work, free-reign creativity in all its forms. The things that we/you do to stay fresh and express our voice above and beyond the day job. Not so much about the people behind the work, or about generating a bunch of heated responses to the post, but just a nice shot of cool shit from your global creative counterparts that we think you should experience.


So that’s the deal. We’re excited, and still pressed for time, but that’s cool man. We’ll work it out. So jump on the RSS feed and check back often. Email any time with your creative side projects (jpgs, links, PDFs, however you want us to experience it), and we’ll see about putting your work out there.

Welcome back!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 Phase Collective

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