Featured: Slagletron

Slagletron is Jessica Slagle in NYC, producing some striking digital illustration/collage pieces. We haven’t featured anyone here in quite some time, and Slagletron was the perfect opportunity to serve up some great Monday afternoon visuals. There’s a lot more to see at, as well as on Facebook. Check out the DADA-Tron album for another corner of her stylistic range.

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Featured: Mark Bradford

A great series of works going out on the US modern art circuit starting later this year. And a rad site as well, which is surprising to see for an artist.

Take a nice close look (zoom and explore) on Mark’s site,

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Featured: Marie Luise Emmermann

A couple of images from the Skizzomat Illustration Diary, a creative outlet for Marie Luise Emmerman out of Germany. This stuff is rad, but check the figurative collage work in there as well. Really nice, slightly bizarre, sensual and fleshy. Lots more to see at:




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Old Magazines


Hadn’t broken away from the computer in a while, so I pulled out an old magazine, shredded a few pieces, cut a few pieces, and glued it all down. Of course it comes back in to the computer and gets tweaked up a bit. Just a bit though. Sometimes a quick (and otherwise pointless) side project is the perfect fix.


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Featured: Able Parris

Able Parris is a collage artist and typographer doing some really cool crossover design/art work. Nice identity portfolio too. He’s all over the internet, but you can start at his Cargo site and take it from there:








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Featured: Maximus Balder

Mixed-media art from Maximus Balder. Picardie, France – found on the Gestalten Blackboard. Really cool layered artwork weaving in typography, commercial/design stuff… all found-imagery, as far as I can tell, and the resulting compositions have a rich design&type-infused feel to them.

Site and info is here.





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PDF Releases

  • Phase 01 Brainstorm [pdf]
  • Phase 02 Community [pdf]
  • Phase 03 Play [pdf]



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