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Featured: Extracts of Local Distance

An amazing architectural / photographic / perspective / artistic / technical project. Explore and enjoy:

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Featured: Morgan Blair

This stuff is cool. Super vibrant, with some nice blends of geometric/grid and organic stuff. Artsy and techy. And the site is as good as at least 2-3 cups of coffee. Definitely check the print work while you’re there:

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Featured: PEESCO typeface

A very structured but very creative experimental typeface project, with a great result. Restrictions lead to new and interesting things. Thrown down by Nello Russo at

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Featured: Mark Bradford

A great series of works going out on the US modern art circuit starting later this year. And a rad site as well, which is surprising to see for an artist.

Take a nice close look (zoom and explore) on Mark’s site,

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Featured: GERGWERK

Rad visuals, a rich color palette, cool and intuitive touch-screen interactions, and an all around smart evolution for the world of turntables. An application as an instrument, in a way. Check out the demo video on Vimeo, and see the process overview here.

This is an MFA thesis project – amazing. More work from GERGWERK, otherwise known as Gregory Kaufman is at

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Japackatype is another years-old type project from Gabe Ruane – hand cut packaging from Japanese food products, glued down over a Doubledagger typeface template, photographed, and cleaned up in Photoshop.

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Featured: Marie Luise Emmermann

A couple of images from the Skizzomat Illustration Diary, a creative outlet for Marie Luise Emmerman out of Germany. This stuff is rad, but check the figurative collage work in there as well. Really nice, slightly bizarre, sensual and fleshy. Lots more to see at:




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Featured: Matt Stevens

A side project of grand proportions: the Air Max1-a-day series by designer/art director Matt Stevens out of Charlotte, NC. The tribute portion is very cool as well. See if you can guess who’s who by style alone.

Young designers take note. This is a totally valid way to get some big-brand work into your portfolio. Think a step or two beyond just mock ads and make something interesting.








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Featured: Crystal Sylver


Geisha of the Golden Phoenix – Oil on wood


Luna – Oil on Wood

Inspired by Fashion, Art Deco, Egyptian Art, beautiful women, and sensuality, as well as by her travels through ancient cities of the world, her work is an exploration of life — past, present, and future. Drawn to the mystique and power of icons throughout the ages, her emotional and erotic figure paintings are an expression of life, love, and beauty. Her current medium is oil, and metal leaf on wood and canvas.

Catch Crystal’s work in person at the Hive Gallery’s MAYhem show.

Crystal Sylver

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Featured: Bruce Peterson

Some great macro photography from Bruce Peterson out of Boston – personal/side projects + great campaign/commercial stuff. Take a look at ‘Oddments’ and ‘Old Money’ when you’re there, along with larger versions of ‘Acorns’, shown here.










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PDF Releases

  • Phase 01 Brainstorm [pdf]
  • Phase 02 Community [pdf]
  • Phase 03 Play [pdf]



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