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So we can all look back on the trends of the 80s, 90s, maybe the 00s a bit, although that’s trickier. We can all see what design styles ruled the decade – what was contemporary. So then we should also be able to take a step back from the right-now, from what’s contemporary today, right? We can see what we (graphic designers, art directors, interactive creatives, animators etc.) are working on this week, or this month, and we *should* be able to recognize the aspects of our creative work that are lining up to fall into that category of ‘contemporary’. Do we want our stuff to look and feel like everything else that everybody else is working on this week, or this month, or this year?

The problem is that ‘contemporary’ and ‘trendy’ are constantly blurring together. They’re really one and the same. When our deadline is tight, or our clients are unimaginative, or we’re too buried in work to apply our own imaginative abilities… we fall back on what’s cool right now, and we contribute to the larger body of ‘contemporary’ work that we’ll all look back on in 5-10 years and be embarrassed to have been a part of.

Wouldn’t it be great to create, sell-through, and champion creative work that breaks the contemporary trends that surround us? What are the barriers, project to project (because they’re always different), that keep us from doing the unique and imaginative creative work that we know we’re capable of producing?

This weekend, I’ll be blasting out some design comps that will, I absolutely guarantee, be trendy and cool, but unimaginative. I will have to rush my work, and I will fall back on established and expected solutions. I’d like to apologize in advance for my contribution to the cheesy design trends of the early 2000-and-teens. I’ll blow it all out and work some fresh magic the next time, I promise.

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Interviewed & Featured: John Gilsenan of IWANT design

It’s probably safe to say that one of the most inspirational things in a young designers life is the album artwork adorning their favorite music. So, we thought it would be fascinating to get a look behind the scenes with an interview and some perspective from John Gilsenan of IWANT design. Based in London, John designs for Buzzin’ Fly Records, the electronic label of Everything But The Girl’s, Ben Watt. If you’re not familiar with them, you probably do know Tracy Thorn (the other half of EBTG) who was featured on Massive Attack’s prolific song, Protection.

Now at the at the forefront of the British dance scene, Buzzin Fly will be releasing it’s 50th single called Bright Star featuring Stimming, Ben Watt and Julia Biel. Buzzin’ Fly is well know for their quality audio and their attention to packaging and developing a visual brand with award winning artwork has helped to define the label. It’s no surprise then that the Bright Star single will be lovingly packaged as a double gatefold with gold foil block and a poster insert. We caught up with John recently to learn a little more about his background and the creative process of designing for a record label.



Full interview after the jump.

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