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Quick post on a side project of mine in the SF Ferry Building – QR code links, resources, wayfinding, maps, apps and more for the tech-savvy tourist set on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

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Monday, September 19th, 2011 Asides No Comments

Two Thirds

Two thirds wrapped on 2011. Hello September. What projects have you all been sitting on for the last few months? Waiting for free time to present itself. Passively hoping priorities might shift in a good way.

I’ve got 3-4. All really good or cool or potentially rewarding in some way. Waiting for some scrap of attention.

Okay. Go.

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Some recent snaps from projects in San Francisco. And a big bit of bearish street art from Market and 6th at the gateway to SoMA. Happy summertime from the Phase Collective.

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 Asides No Comments

Featured: designboom

Just wanted to throw this up on the Phase Blog – designboom is a long time favorite of mine for daily design content, inspiration, reporting, culture-tracking… and I soak it up almost exclusively through their daily eblasts. Usually on my mobile. Well-curated, always fresh, and global in scope. Architecture, product design, graphics, digital, furniture, experimental, art – all bleeding edge stuff. Check it out and enjoy.

Here’s a quick taste of a featured architecture project – ‘fragile shelter’ by hidemi nishida, outside of Sapporo, Japan. More info here.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 Featured No Comments

Site Launch

Just a quick heads up that Phase Collective co-founder Gabe Ruane has launched a new site, full of Phase work of course, at – enjoy.

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Monday, May 16th, 2011 Phase Collective No Comments

Macro Pixels

A set of iPhone snaps of my Photoshop work, zoomed way in to the pixel level, run through Instragram, and posted for you here. I’m thinking I’ll be doing some more of these.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 Phase Collective No Comments

Featured: Jacob Gilbreath / Kinetic Typography

If a picture is worth a thousands words, what will this video of a thousand words be worth?

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

This Kinetic Typography project was created from the dialogue of Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this farewell address, he describes his feelings towards NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor allowing this dialogue to describe his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.

The concept behind this video is to show Conan O’Brien as a the monumental entertainer and solid wall that he is. Conan O’Brien is and will continue to be a seasoned television entertainer. After drawing inspiration from Lou Dorfsman’s Gastrotypographicalassemblage, this concept was achieved by creating a literal wall from over 60 individual typographic layouts. These custom crafted layouts reference a variety of eclectic type design. The combination of eclectic typography and modern 3D letter forms achieved in Cinema 4D provides a contrast between old and new. This contrast emphasizes time to create a sturdy and timeless object. This solidity and timelessness is the perfect representation of Conan O’Brien.

See more of Jacob Gilbreath’s work here.

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Thursday, March 10th, 2011 Featured No Comments

Featured: Kyle Mosher

Some collage-like digital pieces from Kyle Mosher in Boston. Found artwork, cut-paper effects, great results. More to see on his site here, and some decks too, here.

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PDF Releases

  • Phase 01 Brainstorm [pdf]
  • Phase 02 Community [pdf]
  • Phase 03 Play [pdf]



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